How to Do the Lunge

How to Do the Lunge? Top 5 Best Ways You Need to Know To Get In Shape!

Written by DEON NDLOZI

July 8, 2021

Want to learn how to do the lunge properly? In this article, I’m going to show you how to do the lunge correctly without a lot of gear and expensive machines. Below are the 5 step tips that can help you do the lunges correctly.

What is the Lunge?

If you are wondering what is the lunge, chances are you have seen this pose done by either a fitness expert or a fitness model. Essentially, it is a variation of the seated straight leg pose that you perform by sitting on a bench with feet firmly planted on the floor.

Then, you simply lean back as far as you comfortably can while keeping your chest up and your arms across your chest. You will notice that your lower half is now in an extended position just like the cat pose which you are probably familiar with.

A lunge can refer to many different positions of the body in which one leg is raised to a position that is halfway up the thigh while the other leg remains flat on the floor. This type of pose can be done by either using a mat or a chair if you are in a class or at home. You mustn’t hyperextend your legs when performing this pose.

You should maintain proper balance as you raise each leg so that you don’t pull your pelvis forward and cause pain in your lower back.

Once you have raised both legs and you feel comfortable, you can then curl your pelvis to the right and left to bring yourself into a semi-standing position. To truly appreciate how effective this pose is, you need to try it at various heights so that you can really get a feel for how far your quadriceps are stretched.

Once you understand the gravity of this pose, you can then practice it to increase its effectiveness by doing it in the proper positions.

When to do the Lunge?

So you’ve been asked to do a lunge. You know that you should but you have no idea when to do the lunge. You might even be a little unsure about whether or not you should even bother to attempt doing the lunge.

This article will explain the correct way to execute the lunge so that it is easy to remember and it will look good when you are doing the lunge. If you want to stay healthy, you must execute the lunge correctly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that no one lunge width is right for everyone. The lunge begins with the toes being close together, the legs are straight, and the arms being loose. You turn your head to one side and take a step forward, leaning your body into the step.

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Next, the hips should move back so that the leg on the left leg is in the lunge position and the leg on the right leg is in the stretched-out position on the way to the finish.

At this point, you should have your hips parallel to the ground. Your leg on the left should now be in the stretched-out position as well and the same should be true of the leg on the right.

Keep the steps going until you reach the point where the knee starts to bent, just pause there, straighten your leg, and pull up through to the top position.

How do I do the Lunge?

The lunge is an extremely important movement for runners, particularly for the novice because it requires a lot of balancing on the foot to complete it.

You should learn how to do the lunge before attempting it to avoid injuries and to be sure that you execute it properly.

You may want to consider hiring a trainer to help you learn how to do the lunge correctly if you are having difficulty.

First, place your dominant foot on the floor with your knees bent and your hands on the front of the stoned. Your shins should be parallel to the ground. With your arms hanging down, simply pull up your rear as far as possible while keeping your knees straight.

As your leg comes up, bend your knees as far as you can, but remember to keep your back straight and pull your arms up as high as you can without locking your elbows.

As the lunge comes to an end, make one quick step to your next leg. The lunge has many variations, but the key is to keep your entire body in constant motion.

When you stand up from the lunge, your leg must come up first and then the body as a whole. If you do it right, your entire body should be doing everything except your hands.

This is why it is imperative to know how to do the lunge correctly to ensure that you do not have any problems when you are actually doing the exercise.

Advantages of Doing the Lunge

When people talk about the Advantages of doing the lunge, one of the first things that come to mind is weight loss. As the name implies, the lunge is a variation of the marathon where you walk in place.

The reason why it is called the “lunge” is that you are running in place. In other words, when you do the lunge, you are forcing yourself to move at a faster pace than you would normally move. So naturally, you will burn more calories.

Another one of the advantages of this exercise is that it will strengthen your legs. Most people who do this exercise usually do it on their knees (something that they find pretty awkward).

And since your legs are forced to keep up with the movement, it will definitely tone them up. Also, when you are running, you tend to breathe deeper and take in more calories. So doing the lunges for just a few minutes per day can really pay off.

Besides these two major advantages, there are also a couple of minor ones that you might not be aware of. For instance, when you are running, you are strengthening the leg you use for walking, so if you are doing the long-distance run, your legs will be stronger and your lungs will be able to burn more calories.

Another thing about running is that it strengthens your immune system, making you less susceptible to illness. Plus, as mentioned above, when you are doing the long-distance run, you are stretching your muscles and your lungs out.

So, not only will the lunge be a great workout but it will also help you strengthen what you need to to be healthy.

Lunge Variations

References of lunge workouts and other exercises that target large muscle groups have been used as a basis for the development of many different styles of exercise, including the Lunge.

The basic principle behind lunge exercises is to use the large muscles of the legs in a sliding type movement and stretch these larger muscles, which will in turn help to burn more calories and lose weight.

Many of the new variations on lunge movements are based on combining the basic principles and conditioning of the lunge with other exercises designed to strengthen the legs and improve flexibility. Most of these newer variations are designed to be performed on steeper stairs or a narrow surface.

One of the newest forms of the lunge is based on what is commonly referred to as the reverse lunge. In this variation, the movement starts with the arms reaching out to either side and the lower body being pushed back slightly with the torso keeping the knees straight.

The movements performed on the steeper stairs or the narrow surface of a basketball court will progress to a point where the feet hip-width apart at the top of the movement, where the body is fully flexed.

These newer lunge variations add a new dimension to the overall workout while also improving the balance of the workout, both functionally and in terms of the overall tone of the body.

When it comes to improving on balance and core strength, the lunge is now considered one of the most important workouts to develop the core muscles of the legs and upper body.

The increase in muscle mass on the legs and increased flexibility in the core of the body result in an increase in stamina and an overall higher level of energy.

The lunges that are performed on steeper stairs or a narrow board are a great way to increase those two areas of strength while also improving balance and endurance.


So what is my conclusion about this article? The conclusion I would have for you is that if you are really serious about increasing your vertical leap and improving your jump performance then you must do all the necessary lunge exercises.

If you don’t want to be doing the lunge exercises, then just remember what I wrote above. All the power to you! Have fun with your training, but make sure that you really do want to do the lunge exercises before you do them.

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